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Business Credit Management Expertise & Service

We are always trying to manage the up and down cycles of our business. In the manufacturing sector, all of our potential customers look at our D&B Credit File to make sure we are a credible business within our industry. We recently realized that we hadn’t been staying on top of updating our credit file and specifically we needed to improve our Paydex Score. We ended up using the Concierge service to help us update our file and we look much better than we did five years ago when it comes to how our business credit and credibility is seen by others.
Dale McIntosh, President, Custom Powder Systems
As our company grew, we were given the opportunity to partner with some of the nation’s largest retailers. Just like your personal credit score matters when you’re trying to buy a house, your D&B business credit scores are an important sign of the strength of your company to these large retailers. Our relationship with our Concierge manager has really become a key partner in the continued growth of our company. We even call our concierge a key employee. Having a strong business credit profile with D&B and having someone who understands how to help grow our company with this service has been an invaluable resource.
Brett Thompson, Owner & CEO, Pork Barrel BBQ
Unfortunately we neglected our DNB credit file only to find our ratings and new client acquisitions suffered as a result. Thankfully our Concierge Manager was able to help us update our business credit file and restore it to where we needed it to be. My only regret was not leveraging the Concierge Program earlier. I highly recommend the expert service to those companies wanting to remain a step ahead of the game.
Mary-Jo van der Els, Operations Manager, Digital Celerity
As our company grows both in size and in scope of the services we offer, our D&B® ratings increasingly play a critical role in securing relationships with new and existing customers. In years past, we weren’t necessarily concerned with our D&B status, so when we were more recently required to provide our current D&B credit report, we found it bore no resemblance to our actual business. The Concierge program was an invaluable resource in updating and providing an accurate D&B credit file – in just over a week. Although the Concierge program wasn’t in our budget when we first reached out, we couldn’t afford to move forward without it. The Concierge program is already factored into our budget for this coming year as we continue to grow our business with the help of our up-to-date D&B credit standings.
Chris Sanders, General Manager, Cirks Construction, Inc.
We had been working hard as a company to regain our credibility within the community and marketplace but needed extra support in order to do so. We chose the Concierge Program as it promised personalized support and attention – and we have received just that. We could not be more complimentary of our concierge representative’s attention to our account and his constant communication with us in order to help us maintain and monitor our company’s credit profile.
John Anderson, CFO, Eventpro Strategies Inc.
We are a fresh fruit and vegetable processor whose products are sold at grocery stores and large retailers across the country. Due to restructuring of our company, our credit was compromised – affecting both our current contracts with a specific large retailer as well as pending bids we were working on. It was a very scary time for us as we needed to not only remedy the situation, but do so in an extremely expedited fashion. Our Concierge Manager, Sonia, was critical in helping us get our scores to a qualified level. She kept in constant touch with us, walking us through the process. Ultimately we accomplished what we needed to accomplish in a short time. I would recommend the Concierge service to any business that was in our place as we could not have done this by ourselves.
Ed Johnson, Controller, Country Fresh LLC
We chose the Concierge program because we wanted an experienced professional to monitor our business activities and to help us monitor our business credit standing. Having a dedicated Concierge gives us peace of mind so we can focus on our other priorities; having someone on our side who is knowledgeable and efficient makes us feel a whole lot better as a company.
Chad Lasdon, Managing Director, Bentley Forbes
We have been in business for over 20 years and our business credit report wasn’t really reflective of what was going on. We decided to try something new – Dun & Bradstreet’s Concierge service. Our concierge has been really good with us. She did exactly what we were hoping for – she followed up daily and she gave us the support we needed.
David Bandawat, President, Misty Mate, Inc.
We were concerned that our Dun & Bradstreet report was not reflecting our company’s solid financial background. We were thrilled with the Dun & Bradstreet Concierge Service and our Concierge Manager, Tara, who was incredibly efficient in expediting our requested changes to the accuracy and reporting of data in our D&B report. We would recommend this service to other companies as it absolutely met and exceeded our expectations.
Doug Reader, CFO, South Beach Diet Corp.
We were in a situation where we needed a quick check-up of our credit rating and we needed to make sure that all outstanding issues were resolved. The Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Concierge Team went to work immediately for us. The Team under Roger’s leadership accomplished the mission and kept us informed at every step.
David Blumberg, Controller, Jane Carter Solution
We’re a young dog treat manufacturer. Having been in startup mode for a while, our credit scores did not accurately reflect our actual financial situation and risked our ability to work with large retailers. Our Dun & Bradstreet Concierge has helped us in greatly improving our business credit report and has served as a fantastic advocate for our company.
(DBA Riley's Organics) Grant Weber, Chief Executive, Snicky Holdings, Inc.

Accessing Capital & Helping Improve Cash Flow

After I purchased CDA/MaxSent, I was eager for new growth but soon after starting the application process for capital with a lender, we found that we were battling a negative credit history. We purchased CreditBuilder™ in January 2013, and were able to locate the cause for the negative score: past court cases that had since been settled but not yet removed from our credit history. With the help of CreditBuilder, we were able to get our report up to par which helped us secure a new line of credit with Howard Bank within two months’ time. We continue to monitor and update our credit on a monthly basis in order to help maintain our score.
Todd A. Pattison, Founder, CEO and President, MaxSent
My D&B® business credit file was incomplete and I couldn’t gain the business credit I needed. Thereafter, I built my D&B credit file, and was able to get approval for $10K per week in gas cards for my trucking business. Not only will this help improve my cash flow but it will help save my company a bundle.
Herbert Lorfing, President, American Orange Trucking
For us, the Concierge Program was an immediate answer to our needs. We needed improvements to our report and it was awesome how quickly our Dun & Bradstreet Concierge was able to help us start improving our scores which helped us get loan and credit approval!
Mike Alexander, A/P Manager, Deseret Health Group LLC
The quality of service was great. My Concierge Manager was diligent, responsive, and fast – I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. With her help, we’re on the right track to qualify for more capital.
Michael Stein, President, Crystal Creek Assisted Living Inc
One of the things that we think is happening with small businesses right now is they don’t have the financial wherewithal to sustain a five year contract. So, as a small business, we have to show our prime contractors financially how stable we are. We put our D&B D-U-N-S® Number right on our line sheet, and we let people know who we are. We let them know how many years we’ve been in business, how many people we have, and that we’re financially stable, and then they can take our D-U-N-S Number and look it up for themselves. Which they’ve done, 61 times just in the last month.
Scott Stimart, Vice President and General Manager, Genova Technologies

Securing Government & Retail Contracts

When I started Scrubblade, I was aware that a D&B D-U-N-S® Number and good credit were important when establishing a company. What I was not aware of, however, was how immediate down the road both factors would come into play in helping us land an account with one of the largest retailers in the world. To date, one of Scrubblade’s biggest accomplishments would not have been possible without having the CreditBuilder product, which
Bill Westbrook, Founder & CEO, Scrubblade
We needed assistance in getting our business credit standing up to date as we were in the process of bidding for a federal contract. Our dedicated concierge was able to help make the necessary updates to our business credit file and we were ultimately able to secure the contract.
Don Maggiol, Alares LLC
Businesses are ever changing and evolving but right now the biggest challenge has been to expand and grow the business. Obtaining new clients is always a challenge; though once we form these relationships – as we have done with P G & E and Lockheed Martin – we have found great success. That is actually one way Dun & Bradstreet has helped us, it has given us the ability to show our clients that we are a reputable company that has a longstanding credit history.
Jean Bjork, President, Bjork Construction
We were working on securing a contract with a large retailer and our DNB credit standings were falling short of their requirements. We went with the Concierge Program as it promised one-on-one professional attention to our business credit file and a way to expedite the process to help meet the retailer’s standards. With the help of our concierge manager, we were able to secure the contract.
Alok Modani, VP Accounting & Finance, Choice Canning Company Inc.
We were in the process of securing a contract with a large retailer after 15 years of hard work in building our team and our company’s portfolio. We had spent years working internally on our goal, but had lost track of keeping our D&B credit scores up to date to reflect our efforts. We wanted to prove our credibility to the retailer – and the world – as a company that was worthy to do business with, and we needed to do so immediately. We chose the Concierge Program as it was an expedited way to update our D&B credit report and gave us the 1:1 attention and diligence we needed in order to help take our company to the next level. The program was a success for us and we begin shipping our product next month to the retailer.
Adam Rizza, President, Sunscape Eyewear
We were in the process of signing a contract with a large retailer and were short of their D&B business credit score requirements. We saw the Concierge Program as an investment towards our future as our concierge manager worked diligently and quickly to help us get our scores to the retailer’s standards and we were able to secure the contract.
John Skae, CFO, Ardent Tackle
We were in a situation where we realized that we needed to improve our business credit rating in order to continue a longstanding relationship with one of our biggest retailers, yet weren’t sure of exactly how to go about doing so. That’s when we decided to work with the Dun & Bradstreet Concierge service. With the help of our Concierge Manager, we were able to zone in on the exact problematic area and, with her guidance, understand how we were in our current situation and more importantly – how we can help to improve it. Beyond the service itself, I was beyond impressed not only by the professionalism but how nice our manager was – they truly understand how to treat a customer.
Aaron Ader, Credit Manager, EB Brands LLC
We are a construction company that specializes in federal contracting. We realized that our business credit report was reflecting outdated history and transactions which we were able to resolve quickly with the help of our Dun & Bradstreet Concierge Manager, just in time to secure a project. In our case, time was of the essence and I recommend the Concierge Service to other companies that find themselves in our situation.
Patrick Broderick, President, Valiant Construction
We are a supplier of home goods and we realized that we were in jeopardy of losing a large contract. We started using the Dun & Bradstreet product and the service helped us to secure our contract! Our Credit Advisor was wonderful and readily available. She explained all the processes clearly and precisely. We recommend this product to all businesses in danger of losing a contract with a large retailer.
Polder Housewares, Inc., Katy Martin, Controller
Dun & Bradstreet is a necessity to help our business meet certain criteria when working with companies such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. Each one of them has certain standards for scores and ratings that we need to meet to keep our vendor contract current. When we drop below those standards, we’re immediately notified and we work with Dun & Bradstreet to help get our scores and ratings back up.
Patrick Broderick, President, Valiant Construction
At Vision Dynamics, LLC we work with a large retailer that requires our business credit scores to be maintained at a certain level. When we first talked to Dun & Bradstreet, our credit scores were low. Since that date a little over a month ago, Dun & Bradstreet has helped us get our trade references in place and our report in order. They’ve helped us improve our credit scores to above and beyond where we wanted them to be!
Bill Lawrence, CFO, Vision Dynamics, LLC
We purchased the Concierge Service when we were facing issues qualifying for one of our top vendors’ criteria. We had attempted to work on our business credit on our own. We were growing frustrated because we were not seeing results as fast as we would have liked, and we wanted validation that what we were doing was correct. Thankfully we began working with our Concierge Manager, Roger, in time to expedite changes to our credit file which helped us meet our vendor’s credit criteria and secure the deal.
Albert Shieh, Controller, Mac Sports Inc.
Our biggest challenge is finding the reliable suppliers, as we do not own any of the services we offer – such as transportation, equipment rentals, security and hotels. Because of this, our dependence on reliable vendors is critical for our success. This is where Dun & Bradstreet scores come into the picture for us. The nature of this industry is such that a minimum of six months of planning is required for an event – with a lot of back and forth with funds being transferred between our clients and to our suppliers. Our clients use the same criteria as the vendors we work with. Both equally want to know that we are able to meet their requirements. Our hard work and our credit scores both play into how we propose our services as they show we are a credible company worthy of working with our clients.
Bill Lawrence, CFO, Vision Dynamics, LLC

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